Hamac 2021-03-24

Dry Mix Mortar Production Line

Dry mixing mortar is a green environmental protection energy-saving functional building material. 

Adhesive Mortar: such as Ceramic tile adhesive, filler, heat preservation multiplesed system use adhesive Mortar,etc.

Rendering Mortar: such as internal and external rendering Mortar, lacquer putty, colored decoration Mortar, heat preservation Mortar etc.
Masonry Mortar: such as normal masonry Mortar, concrete masonry Mortar, heat preservation, masonry Mortar,etc.
Floorscreed Mortar: such as normal floorscreed Mortar, self- leveling Mortar etc.
Special Mortar: such as Mending Mortar ,waterproof Mortar, floor hardener,etc.
Main feature:
save much space.
full automatic .
with dry system, continuity of operations