Hamac 2021-03-26

diesel engine fuel Concrete pump

Hydraulic oil replacement. In the course of use, pay attention to selecting the hydraulic oil of the specified model, and at the same time, change the oil of the hydraulic system regularly in accordance with the requirements in the use and maintenance manual. This is quite critical in the use of the concrete pump truck. Load fuel motor.
   If you want to maintain a concrete pump truck well, it is very important to comply with certain maintenance specifications in daily life. During maintenance, if you can fully follow the maintenance manual, the concrete pump truck maintenance can achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort.
Trailer concrete pumps, truck-mounted pumps and pump trucks.Used for conveying cement mortar in buildings, buildings and floors, including floor blasting, floor heating, and concrete cross-section thickening.
co<em></em>ncrete batching plant  pumps
It is used for the main construction of the building, the reinforcement and filling of piling, building body, commercial concrete transportation of high-rise buildings, railways, hydropower, mines, engineering, foundations, roads, bridges, bridge slabs, supports, large structures, etc.